Terms and Conditions

As a public service, we offer our online content free for anyone to use. If TEDMED videos, blog posts or other material can help you to promote conversation about the future of health and medicine, spread new ideas and perspectives, or support innovation in wellness ... help yourself and repost as you like.

We simply ask that our visitors and community members respect a few basic conditions ...

Terms of Use

  1. As the owner of all video and photography posted on the website, we offer these materials for public and personal use in an effort to expand the TEDMED community. We encourage our users to share TEDMED content publically and privately, however we prohibit commercial use.

  2. Any inappropriate use of TEDMED materials, such as for commercial gain, to create derivative works, or portrayal of content in a manner inconsistent with the goals of TEDMED may result in termination of your membership as well as any additional remedy available applying the fullest extent of the law.

  3. Members of the TEDMED community create profiles which are governed by the Privacy Policy. Any use of the Member profile information inconsistent with the goals of TEDMED, such as to spam, solicit or generally impose, is prohibited and will result in the termination of your membership.

  4. You agree that you will NOT add content to your profile that is defamatory, inappropriate, profane, libelous, or that contains nudity or lewd photography.

  5. In using the website you agree that you will not violate any trademark or copyright laws.

  6. We reserve the right to terminate membership at any time without warning for any violation of these terms or any related act that is inconsistent with the goals of the TEDMED community.

  7. TEDMED Live users must provide requested information prior to being granted access.


Privacy Policy 

  1. As a top priority, TEDMED protects the privacy of its Members. A "Member" includes but is not limited to: event attendees, website users, TEDMED Live participants and users of the TEDMED Connect App.

  2. In proceeding with the registration process, you agree that all information and/or images provided are true and accurate; that no information or images are inappropriate or infringe on any protected rights; and that you are authorized to disclose said information and/or images.

  3. TEDMED Members' contact information -- such as mailing address, email address, phone number, etc. -- is never shared with any third parties without consent from the Member.

  4. Inappropriate communication, or unauthorized disclosure of personal information in any way, is completely prohibited and may result in termination of Membership.

  5. Any financial information provided to TEDMED is securely stored on a server and is not made available to any third parties. 

  6. If you have any questions or concerns related to the privacy of your personal information please do not hesitate to contact us.

  7. You agree and understand that by choosing not to be on the TEDMED mailing list you will not receive TEDMED video and community updates but you may still be contacted by TEDMED regarding your account and involvement in the TEDMED community.

Event Policies

  1. Application Process: TEDMED uses an online application process to make up its attendee base for the event. Upon receipt of an application, TEDMED will make best efforts to deliver a response within one week (7 days). Due to limited seating, timely submission of an application will not guarantee a seat at the Event. Each application is reviewed with serious consideration and the decision to accept an applicant is at TEDMED management's discretion. 

  2. Attendance Fee Payment: A fee is charged to attend TEDMED, which covers all TEDMED events and TEDMED meals. After an applicant has been notified of acceptance, that applicant has one week (7 days) to confirm their spot at the event by clicking the link on the acceptance email and completing payment of the full attendance fee.

    Payment can be made online via our secure server using a credit card or a PayPal account. If the attendee prefers not to pay online, we can also issue an invoice directly to that attendee. In order to receive an invoice, please send an email containing your name, phone number and mailing address to admissions@TEDMED.com.  Be sure to note the purpose of the email in the subject line. 

    If online payment or an invoice request is not received within one week (7 days) of acceptance, we reserve the right to rescind the acceptance and offer a spot to another applicant.

  3. TEDMED Badges: For the security of our Delegates, in order to gain access to any TEDMED event, attendees must wear a valid TEDMED badge, which displays the attendee's name, photograph, and company. TEDMED badges will be printed out at the start of the event, will be checked at the entrance, and will be monitored throughout all TEDMED events. If an attendee shows up to an event without the proper badge or removes it during the event, TEDMED reserves the right to refuse entry.

  4. Photography and Video: Any photos taken by TEDMED staff at any TEDMED event may be used to promote the event and community in a variety of ways, such as on our website or in promotional materials. Attendees, personally and on behalf of the entities they may represent, at any TEDMED event, release TEDMED, LLC and its employees, affiliates and shareholders from any claims pertaining to the use of any recorded material. Attendees are prohibited from all video recording while attending presentations. Any attendee recording a presentation by any technological means may be removed from the event, subject to the removal policy as well as any legal claims and remedies.

  5. Refunds and Transfers: 
    Your Delegate Pass is non-transferable and non-refundable.

    Chargebacks:  You agree not to dispute the charge with your credit card issuing bank and to pay all expenses associated with such chargeback, including our legal fees and court costs to recover the disputed amount.

  6. Right to Refuse Attendance: We reserve the right to deny attendance to any Delegate at any time, for any reason and without explanation, in which case, the Delegate may forfeit his or her attendance fee.

Community Policy

  1. The TEDMED Community is offered as a free public service to promote discussion on the future of Health and Medicine.

  2. Any “Submission” made is of the opinion of the Member who posted it and does not, in any way, reflect the views or opinion of TEDMED.

  3. In making a Submission, you agree that you will not violate any trademark or copyright laws. You agree and acknowledge that TEDMED does not represent any rights to the Submissions.

  4. As a Member of the TEDMED Community, we encourage you to share your knowledge, information and opinion. In making a Submission, you agree that such Submission is made in a professional manner with the purpose of furthering or expanding discussion on TEDMED.com.

  5. As a Member and participant of TEDMED.com, you also agree to respect the Submissions of your fellow TEDMED Community Members and allow for equal opportunity and participation.

  6. In making a Submission you consent to the right of TEDMED to expand or edit any Submission and we may contact you to discuss further.

  7. TEDMED has the right to remove, at its sole discretion, any Submission made that does not represent or encourage a professional and communal environment.

  8. TEDMED has the right to indefinitely suspend, at its sole discretion, any Member account registered at TEDMED.com.